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Friday, November 6, 2009

GOSH!!!! months since i updated my blog!!!
this is so dead silence!

how's everybody?
it's the rainy season already!
everyday raining it appears to be!

i am pretty okay i suppose!
had AH D&d on 12 sept.
had my first traveling out on plane to Bangkok during the late September,
had a gathering with my WWSS SL at marina barrage and marina square on oct,
went clubbing to Dbl o and Zirca on the 4 Nov!
and my EXAMS are finally over and done with awaiting for the result to be out in dec!
awaiting for SS501 to come for concert in SG!

think tats all for now cox gonna go work later~!
will be back frequently to update~! =)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

안녕하세요(Annyeong-haseyo!) -> Hello~!
i am so crazy with korean drama!
Just finish watching Korean ver of Boys over flowers~!
so Nice!! Wakakaa! Fell in love with the drama!!
korean ver is like got mix of taiwan ver n japan version,
And still got add some things that both Ver did not have!!!
i will give FULL STAR!! poor Ji hoon!!! always get reject!
*heart ache! haha! Nice music too!

i now so crazy over SS 501!
They are so cute and handsome!!! *muacks! LOL!
Just change my blog pic to them!!
August 2009 they will be making a comeback!!
And their ASIA TOUR IN Jan 2010!!!
going to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China n etc.
Wil they come to Singapore??
Please Please hope they come!!
i sure will go!!!!

sadded i don't understand Japaneses n Korean!
Got no idea what they singing!! ERRRR!
their 2nd Jap album wil be out THIS MONTH!!!!
*Peng! (Fainted)

okok.. i am fine with my life, still alive and kicking.
As usual still working n studying! so no life!!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

use my phone take for stacy so clear!!
stacy solo with them! Shiok!

Last time was Arian Pang, Michelle , Nat Ho.

is Tay Ping Hui, Terence Chow and Fann Wong.
today got took pics with them except Fann wong.

so Handsome!!! haha!
they flim at my team there!
got to pass by lots of them to get my things for patient
or attend to my patient needs.

sch is tiring for me!
no time!
where got time to do homework or self study!?

now hospital are on yellow alert le!
people please be careful!
Do take care everybody!

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i saw them!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alright i got something to blog about today!
today so happening!!!

Today working am shift!
AHHH! i saw Michelle Chia, Adrian Pang n NAT HO!!!!! haha!
They were filming for Polo boys!!!
wah~! all pretty lady n handsome guys! lol!
when i saw NAT HO i was super excited!!!
BUT i am working!
Plus i am in my uniform, so better behave myself
or else later kena complain, gonna be a big prob!
so whenever got the chance to see Nat faster see haha!!!!* evil
he is so tanned! so skinny man! BUT FIT! okie!
So SO sO wanna take a pic with NAT and ask for his autograph!
but i got no guts!!!!!

Today something WOAH happened in the ward!
my team 1 got diarrhea and incontinence!
*can't disclose what happened!*
(ps. due to privacy and confidential!)
some people may know...

alighted from the train...
took the stairs..
fell down ^thn climb 5 steps^ thn fell again!!
>.O >.<
Total embarassing!!
once its ok, 2nd time ERrr?
either slipper loose, i too sleepy or nerve got prob! aha! jk

so ya! hope to see nat again!! =)

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Friday, April 10, 2009

samsinah newborn baby~!
from my hosp, ward, yukime n eric
the moon
me n yukime
esplanade n moon


On monday(6/4/09), went to celebrate Yukime B'dae!
went to bugis La Mei Zi steamboat eat lotsa stuff n crab!
thn went to esplande outside to eat cakes!

started having diarrhea!
Decided to head home halfway of my english lesson.
diarrhea 7 times!!!

diarrhea still continue!
was working afternoon shift!
during roll call feel so uncomfortable,
decided to take a rest at staff room,
instead of getting better it got worse,
got difficulty in breathing,
comes my hyperventilation! SIAN!
so damn embarassing!
was wheel down to A&E in my missy attire!
thn was resting in observation room,
feel so damn restless after i calm down!
can't sit still arh.. pain here n there.
they set plug for me painful!
until i cry like one running tap water!
thn my drip set to full blast le but
it run as though 12 hr drip.
certain things can't be mention!
need to thank all the peeps who visited me!
and all peeps who accompany me!
You know who you are~! MUackS! haha!
did not eat after 2 pm! super hungry!
But No mood to eat oso!
i lost 3kg from my diarrhea!

ok! finally get to eat!!!!! YEA!!! 8 am!!!
but ate abit seriously don feel like eating~!
i am so bored to death!!!!!
today got peepz visit me so happy!
but my mother haven eh!!! so late thn she appear!
thn received fruit basket from my hospital,
a bag of biscuit n more biscuit n BEAR BEAR!!!!
cute bear!!! haha! hugging it always haha!
today cant go home... tml...
my appetite are like 1/3 share or half..
not liks last time is 2 share instead of 1 share!

am the only patient in the 4 bedded room..
woke up in the night ohhh... hmmm abit dark! haha!
but cannot be bother at home also dark dark wan wat!
today woke up later thn ytd! felt super tired!
morning doctor say can go home!!! yea!
*cut short nth to say abt this part
go home continue zZz*sleep thn woke up
felt so giddy, only ate plain rice for dinner
no mood for other food! so boring nth to do!
hospitalisation leave till tue.. wed start work!

oh my! i dare not go back to work!
so pai seh! see those doctor that examine me!


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Thursday, April 2, 2009

i know i look freaking white

cant open my eyes

cant open my eyes too bright

Went to DBL O! This is my first time going there!
went with Farrah, Lynette, Marlyanti and Phyllis.
supposing princess wan to go but cancelled!
1. YEA! free flow of drinks!!!
2. oh my god! the place is super duper COLD!!!
3. My foundation powder put too much!?
(As white as a piece of paper)
4. My eyes just simply can't OPEN in every shots taken!
(got to learn to open my eyes)
5. 1st to get high amount all of them
(FACE FLUSH! hot hot!)
6. 1st time i drank so much!
7. 1st time i dance until so crazy!
8. 1st time surronded by so many caucasian guys!
9. kena step more thn dunno how many times bu caucasian guys!!!
10. Hug on to the table like one crazy gal
(Refued to be dragged up to stage)
11. 1st time i got so tipsy and ended up lauging non stop!
12. 1st time dancing in the " stage".

and of course still got so on n on n on.....
photo wait for farrah.

after the end went to farrah house to zZz...
cant go home.. not safe! haha >,<


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

money money come come many more oh~!
haha! went swimming in the morning!
sun was too HOT for me to handle!
LOL Y? cox i got BURNT! SUNBURN actually!
DAMN! at first i see like no burn slight tanned! (i thought*)
but when i reach homw and have a good look!
i was actually like BURNING RED!
too over le bah!!! i wan tanned not burnt!
wont be ablt to wear tube or spag for now gonna look super weird!
so after that it's shooping time!
buy gift for myself! haha!
and many many stuff kinda lazy to mention too!

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The girl

About Me

Name._-+AnNa We3 tAo SiAng
Nick._-+w3eTs,wee,sleepy head,sOtoNg,diapeR, xiiao wEe weE,STM
JaP nAmE._-+yUkArI
D.O.B._-+9 october 1989
Age._-+18 plUs
School._-+pioneer pri sch, westwood sec sch, simei ite
Occupation._-+NuRsebr> ChArAcTeR._-+ loves to smile n laugh!, easily confused, pretty slow in thinking and action (retarded!), loves to be a listerner, at times easily pissed off, at times hard to be pissed off...


._-+ICE CREAM ESP Bens & Jerry
._-+My bed
._-+My handphone
._-+Shopping $$$
._-+Watch tv show
._-+Watch movies
._-+Mineral water
._-+POOL! ( those table pool)
._-+Hong kong show date with vampire 3
._-+Taiwan show eg.ISWAK, tokyo juliet
._-+Japanese shoe eg. Hana yori dango
._-+VCD & DVD!!!
._-+Been in a CAR.. not taxi arh!
._-+Rock climbing


._-+Empty inbox
._-+Being broke!
._-+Low prepaid balance
._-+Being tired
._-+Falling ill
._-+mAke DecIsIoN
._-+BeEn StArEd
._-+bEeN iN PaIn

I Wish

~.cut down e amt of food i am eating!
~.get my own guitar!
~.learn guitar
~.get my own keyboard/piano!
~.learn piano
~.see fahrenheit personally! camera!
~.DIE DIE MUST SEE SS501!!!br> ~.DIE DIE! must travel to TW, JAP, KOR! license!
~.go overseas!



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